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Meet the team

The Anticancer Fund employs a group of scientific professionals with research and pharmaceutical backgrounds who are completely committed to evidence-based medicine. We are passionate about improving patients' lives and optimising the use of our philanthropic resources.

Lydie Meheus, Managing Director of the Anticancer Fund
Lydie Meheus, PhD

Managing Director

Gauthier Bouche, Director Clinical Research at the Anticancer Fund
Gauthier Bouche, MD

Director Clinical Research

Michael Maris
Michael Maris, PhD, MBA

Associate Director

Nicolo Battisti
Nicolò Battisti, MD

Medical Consultant My Cancer Navigator

Kristine Beckers, Trial Manager at the Anticancer Fund
Kristine Beckers, MSc

Trial Manager

Carlo Bevilacqua, Finance and Accounting at the Anticancer Fund
Carlo Bevilacqua

Finance Officer

Rica Capistrano, Programme Director New Projects at the Anticancer Fund
Rica Capistrano, PhD

Director New Projects

Sergio Crispino
Sergio Crispino, MD

Medical Consultant My Cancer Navigator

Gabry Kuijten, Coordinating Physician for My Cancer Navigator
Gabry Kuijten, MD

Director Patient Information

Ann-Marie Morel, Physician for My Cancer Navigator
Ann-Marie Morel, MD

Physician My Cancer Navigator

Pan Pantziarka, Programme Manager Drug Repurposing
Pan Pantziarka, PhD

Director Drug Repurposing

Klara Rombauts, Research Manager at the Anticancer Fund
Klara Rombauts, MSc

Senior Research Manager and HR Coordinator

Ilse Rooman, Programme Director Pancreatic Cancer at the Anticancer Fund
Ilse Rooman, PhD

Programme Lead Pancreatic Cancer

Edna Pinto 2
Edna Rodrigues Pinto, MD

Physician My Cancer Navigator

Saar Sinnaeve, Communication manager at the Anticancer Fund
Saar Sinnaeve

Communication Manager

Annes Valckenaers, Research Manager at the Anticancer Fund
Annes Valckenaers, MSc

Research Manager

Patricia Vandamme 3
Patricia Vandamme, MPharmSc

Policy Officer

Liese Vandeborne, Research Manager
Liese Vandeborne, MSc

Operational Manager Patient Information and Senior Research Manager

Sarah Vandenbroeck, Team assistant at the Anticancer Fund
Sarah Vandenbroeck

Team Assistant

Netteke van Holthe, Physician for My Cancer Navigator
Netteke van Holthe, MD

Physician My Cancer Navigator

Our expert consultants

  • Yolande Lievens, MD, PhD - Radiation Oncologist
  • Nina Neuendorff, MD - Haematologist
  • Silvia Stacchiotti, MD, PhD - Sarcoma Oncologist
  • Eric Bouffet, MD, PhD - Paediatric Neuro-Oncologist


Want to join the team?

Job Openings

The Anticancer Fund is always on the look for bright minds that are science enthusiasts, care for cancer research and share our Fund’s philosophy. Do let us know if you are interested or have any questions on our organisation and our activities. We love hearing from you!

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