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Our mission

Longer and better lives for people with cancer

Cancer patients need more and better cures. For longer and better lives. That’s the common goal. Not patents, publications, or corporate dividends. Let's make it happen.
A heartfelt thank you for your donation to the Anticancer Fund

Close the gaps

We are the challengers - the stubborn ones in the fight against cancer. We commit ourselves to make the best possible treatments accessible to patients. Because in this fight, today, the patient is not always at the centre.
If we want a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease, we must close the gaps. We detect neglected, but valuable research and give it a chance.
We untangle what is tangled for patients, by providing personalised information. We offer science-based answers to the questions patients and their loved ones have.

Our ambition

Save as many lives as we can and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients.

Our values

Patients first, always
Our primary focus on patient benefits suggests a dedication to achieve a long-term impact.

Forging new paths
Call us pioneers, game-changers or drivers for change: we challenge the status-quo.

Outcomes that matter
Everyone wants results, but we are willing to put in the work.

No strings attached
We value our independence, a defining aspect of our unique identity.

Beyond limitations
We are an international team with an open mind.


At the Anticancer Fund, we are different. To defeat cancer, we think out of the box. Discover how, in this short movie about our philanthropic organisation.

We cannot do this alone

The Anticancer Fund relies entirely on private donations. Thanks to your support, we can think differently, act differently and prioritise the patients above all else.

Be part of our mission. Consider your donation not just a contribution, but an investment. Together, we go for results that matter. Not profit, but tangible benefits for patients and society.