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My Cancer Navigator on the ASCO-radar

My Cancer Navigator on the ASCO-radar

For the very first time an abstract about My Cancer Navigator is published by ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, during the world’s largest cancer congress starting today. Yearly more than 42.000 health care professionals, experienced in cancer, and coming from all over the world, are attending the event. We are pleased that our personal service for cancer patients is on the ASCO-radar.  

Being published by ASCO is really something as it gives international visibility and credibility. The Anticancer Fund believes the abstract will benefit My Cancer Navigator: thanks to this reference, more health care professionals will be aware that this unique service for cancer patients, and their families, exists and even so, more patients will be acknowledged about it and find their way to My Cancer Navigator.

As we explain in the abstract, My Cancer Navigator has been launched in 2019. The figures, an overview of our activities in 2020-2021, show a clear success: increasingly more cancer patients have been reaching out to the Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator over time. Moreover, the people who were helped by our personalised information service appreciated the assistance truly.

From the 511 patients we were in contact with in 2020-2021, 43% were from our home country Belgium. Our hope is that the publication of the abstract by ASCO will enhance our international outreach outside Europe. My Cancer Navigator is a global service, available in English, French and Dutch today already.

Having now a reliable reference that describes the service of My Cancer Navigator and that gives an overview of our work, we believe we are set for a great move forward. We are investing in My Cancer Navigator and are developing a method to formally assess the satisfaction of the people who have been helped by our service. We are also evaluating the impact of the information given by My Cancer Navigator on patients, both in practical terms and from a quality of life perspective. In this way, My Cancer Navigator is meant to be future-proof.

Find out more about My Cancer Navigator here.

Saar Sinnaeve

Saar Sinnaeve is Communication Manager at the Anticancer Fund. She is an experienced communication professional with a demonstrated history of working in the newspapers industry. As a journalist, she reported about the health care industry, medical innovations and the fight against cancer.