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The ACF versus the pharmaceutical industry

The Anticancer Fund acknowledges the key role of pharmaceutical companies in cancer care, and stresses the importance of working together. The work of the ACF serves as a lever for the pharmaceutical industry.

ACF for Pharmaceutical industry

Complementary pieces in a bigger puzzle

Decision-makers pressure the pharmaceutical industry to find solutions to all challenges. We acknowledge the economic reality of the for-profit domain, and recognise the need to fill gaps in the scope of available budgets and business plans. 

This is why the parallel development of cancer treatments using public money is needed. The ACF supports this view and applies funds to trials that fall outside of the scope of the pharmaceutical sector.

Individual companies & federations

Even though pharmaceutical companies wouldn't initiate the research trials we are involved in, they often agree to support them. On individual projects, we reach out to companies to use their products in trials with no strings attached and no influence whatsoever on study design or outcome. We always claim our independence and not-for-profit objectives.

We connect with European and international federations through conferences, meetings, roundtables and more.