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No major hurdle for clinical implementation

We seek impact and results. We invest our resources where we believe we can make the most progress in the fight against cancer.

No major hurdle for clinical implementation

Delay between trial results and clinical use

A treatment cannot be implemented in the standard of care immediately after a clinical trial has positive results. Patients pay the price for this delay. The decision to use a new treatment in clinical practice is influenced by many non-scientific factors related to policy, cost-effectiveness, reimbursement and other economic aspects (insurance, production).

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Minimising the delay, optimising clinical implementation

The Anticancer Fund has identified three factors that are key to reducing the time between positive clinical trial results and treatment use in clinical practice. A pragmatic approach guarantees a faster clinical adoption process and the chance of bringing a new treatment option to as many patients as possible. The ACF prefers to investigate treatments that are:

  1. available on the market, ideally as a GMP-approved, marketed drug listed as an essential drug;

  2. simple, requiring minimal training and handling to keep costs low and maximise treatment compliance;

  3. affordable to patients around the world.

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