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We help patients

We have a big heart for patients: discover My Cancer Navigator, our personal service for people with cancer. We help patients by giving them understandable information about their cancer and their treatment.

My Cancer Navigator

People who are diagnosed with cancer find themselves on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. The Anticancer Fund provides them with assistance and personally answers all therapy-related questions from patients and their families. For free.

My Cancer Navigator also supports physicians and healthcare professionals who are looking for evidence-based information about cancer treatments.

Have you received a cancer diagnosis? Or are you facing an important decision in your cancer treatment?

When you have cancer, you are full of questions and it may be difficult to keep a level head. You probably get a lot of information from your oncologist, doctor, nurse and perhaps also from family and friends, who of course mean well, but it sometimes may be difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Have you received a cancer diagnosis?

Do you need clear and reliable information?

What are my options for treatment? What do the guidelines say about my type of cancer? Which therapies are under development? Am I eligible for a clinical trial? It’s quite difficult to find reliable answers to all your questions.

Do you need clear and reliable information?

My Cancer Navigator helps you to find your way.

We listen to your story, look up your questions and provide you with understandable information, so that you can make well-considered decisions together with your treatment team.

My Cancer Navigator helps you to find your way

So how does it work?

You reach out to us through the website, in a mail or give us a call.

You will have an introductory call with a My Cancer Navigator physician, who will listen to your concerns and questions.

Our team of scientists and doctors will thoroughly review your medical records and do the necessary research to answer your questions. We will explore your options in the international guidelines and in scientific publications.

You will receive a tailor-made and clear summary.

Our doctor will discuss everything with you in a personal conversation, so that you get all the information you wanted.

“I have received top coaching. Neither time nor effort were spared by Dr. Kuijten. Without her guidance, understanding and direct approach, I would not have been able to process my cancer in this way. For my wife too, the pleasant and expert explanations were a much appreciated support in the acceptance of my illness.”

My Cancer Navigator
Dirk Vandeweyer

What we offer

  • We provide reliable information, specifically gathered for you and your type of cancer.
  • We explain the different treatment options.
  • We investigate whether there are clinical studies that you might be eligible for.
  • Together, we prepare the questions you wish to ask to your doctor.

What we don't offer

  • We do not provide a "second opinion" or medical advice, we do not take over your treatment, and do not prescribe medication.
  • We also have no expertise in insurance matters, home care, psychosocial support, and so on. If necessary, we will of course do our best to refer you to the appropriate authorities.
  • We do not provide funding for treatment, but can find out whether there are options for access to a relevant therapy.

How to reach out?

You can contact us via the link below with a brief description of your medical situation and the questions you have. One of our doctors will then contact you.
Would you like support for a family member or friend? This is also possible, provided that the person gives his or her approval. Parents of underage patients can also contact us. All information is treated in strict confidentiality.

My Cancer Navigator by the Anticancer Fund

Support us

My Cancer Navigator is a free service for cancer patients. The service is made possible through donations to the Anticancer Fund. Do you want future patients to be able to rely on us as well? Please donate. Every gift is greatly appreciated.


We support patients, only at their explicit request, with the protection of their private data, in their search for information, with the aim of better understanding the disease and treatment options, so that each individual patient can make informed decisions together with his or her doctor.
We work independently, without (preliminary) judgment, based on publicly available scientific data.

What else do we do for you?

We believe every cancer is one too many. That's why patients are at the center of everything we do.

We support high-value cancer research that offers a clear benefit to cancer patients. Our main objectives? Increase survival and quality of life. Discover how we are maximising benefits for cancer patients.

We connect with policymakers and authorities to eliminate barriers to rapid and affordable access to more cancer treatments. Read more about how we contribute to the development of policy frameworks and regulations: our engagement with decision-makers.