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Leave a lasting legacy

Empower cancer research for a better tomorrow

At the Anticancer Fund, we rely on private donations. Your support will drive clinical research, pushing the boundaries of treatment possibilities, and will help cancer patients facing the complexity of the disease. By considering a legacy gift in your will, you become an integral part of this journey.
Leave a gift in your will to the Anticancer Fund

Why choose a donation in your will?

A legacy gift is a powerful commitment. Your contribution directly impacts the development of better treatments through better research, and the availability of free, reliable information through My Cancer Navigator.

Simple steps to leave your legacy

A will records what happens to your estate. Besides family and friends, you can also include the Anticancer Fund as a good cause in your will and make a gift. Our dedicated colleague, Carlo Bevilacqua, is ready to assist you through the process, addressing any inquiries you may have. He will handle your questions confidentially and discreetly.

Get in touch

Do you need more information or advice before making a decision? Reach out for an insightful conversation without any obligation.

You can contact Carlo via email at

or phone at +32 (0)2 268 48 16.

Contact us for advice when thinking about giving to a good cause in your will

Crafting your legacy

Your legacy is a contribution to the future. You may want to consult a professional, like a notary, to guide you. In Belgium, we can recommend you the specialists of You can order a free guide with more information about leaving a legacy to a good cause (available in Dutch or French).