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Pledge a gift

Meaningful sponsorship and pledged giving

As an entrepreneur or company, your commitment to making a positive impact on society echoes loud. The Anticancer Fund recognizes the power of compassionate entrepreneurs. We invite you to be a part of our exclusive 'Entrepreneurs with a Heart' sponsorship platform.
Become one of our 'Entrepreneurs with a heart'

'Entrepreneurs with a heart'

A committed partnership

  • Join as a sustainable donor, pledging a minimum of 10,000 euros per year with a three-year commitment.
  • Receive a tax certificate annually.

Why should you join?

The Anticancer Fund, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing cancer research and cancer care, is on a mission to provide patients with more and better treatment options. We are patient-centric, guided by science, and powered by the generosity of donors like you. We are an independent organisation, and rely mainly on private funding.

Driver for positive change

We are determined to improve the health system, with your contributions as the driving force behind positive transformations.

Meaningful impact

You will leave a lasting impact on individuals' lives, society, and the overall health system. We provide tangible data, showcasing the number of cancer patients involved, results and milestones achieved, and testimonials from those touched by your generosity.

Acknowledgement of your efforts

When you are ‘Entrepreneur with a heart', your contributions are not just acknowledged within our organisation; they resonate in the broader philanthropic and impact community. Expect public recognition and gratitude, potential awards, and media exposure.

Transparency and responsible investment

We are open to personal project investments, providing assurance that all contributions are managed responsibly and ethically. Benefit from transparency in our financial situation, regular, detailed reports on the impact of your support, and the confidence that your resources are making a difference.

Thank you 'Entrepreneurs with a heart'

We extend our sincere thanks to the entrepreneurs and companies who support us. Your sustainable engagement fuels our mission to create a future where every patient gest the best treatment possible.
We would like to acknowledge that while some of our generous entrepreneurs prefer not to be mentioned here, their impact is deeply felt and appreciated.

Thank you Entrepreneurs with a heart

Labo Nuytinck

Frank & Pia

Luc & Laurence

Van Lanschot

Paul Jr. Thiers

Bernard & Stien
Van Canneyt

Bart & Ann

What we offer our donors

  • Exclusive 'Entrepreneurs with a Heart' award.
  • Regular updates on our work.
  • Personal meetings to showcase the direct impact of your donation and discuss your expectations.
  • Invitation to our annual event, 'Entrepreneurs with a Heart,' where you can connect with peers and our dedicated Anticancer Fund team.
  • Recognition on our website and social media channels.
  • Branding and marketing support to help you communicate our partnership effectively.
  • Support for corporate initiatives promoting our cause, including presentations, workshops, and keynotes.
Join the 'Entrepreneurs with a heart' of the Anticancer Fund

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Ready to embark on a transformative partnership and to be part of the positive change you and the Anticancer Fund will be shaping together in the fight against cancer?

Contact us to share your entrepreneurial aspirations.