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The Anticancer Fund is participating in the World Cancer Series organised by The Economist

The Anticancer Fund is participating in the World Cancer Series organised by The Economist

Brussels - Our managing director Lydie Meheus has been invited by the Economist as a speaker during the World Cancer Series, an annual gathering of eminent specialists in healthcare who discuss innovative solutions to fight cancer. The slogan of this years’ World Cancer Series: “Improved Outcomes. Sustainable care. Economic growth.”

On the 8th of November the Anticancer Fund is part of the 7th World Cancer Series, an annual event organised by The Economist. The World Cancer Series bring together healthcare experts, industry, policymakers and patient groups for robust debates on cancer. The event is free, but very renown and wanted, so please register promptly if you would like to attend. (*)

During four full days speakers and moderators will reflect on what should be done to tackle cancer. Last year, more than 900 organisations participated to the event and viewed 1.500 different sessions from 70 speakers.

A map for cancer control accross Europe

The first day, that will be solemnly opened by Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for health and food safety, will focus on a road map for cancer control across Europe. Day 2 will examine immunotherapy, CAR-T and radiotherapy. On Day 3 genomics and personalised cancer care will be on the agenda, as well as digital health and telemedicine. Day 4 will conclude with AI and machine learning in pharmaceutical development and data analytics.

On Day 1, at 12:45pm CET, our managing director Lydie Meheus will take up the challenge to interact with different experts and to reflect on how decision-makers, especially the European Commission, could take entrepreneurship and enhance public support for better cancer research.

During the debate “Improving cancer therapy and care through public health trials: lessons from COVID-19” the panel will elucidate why public funding and close collaboration between industry, governments and philanthropy are of prime importance to tackle patient-centred questions and to accommodate development of treatments with potentially high patient value, for which commercial prospects are low.

Next to Lydie Meheus are also in this panel: Barbara Kerstiëns, head of the unit Combatting Diseases, DG Research of the European Commission, Richard Sullivan, professor cancer & global health, director at the Institute of Cancer Policy, King’s College London, and Els Torreele head of health policy, Institute for innovation and public purpose, UCL (London).


For more information on the 7th Annual World Cancer Series and to register for free

The program of the 4-day event