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The Anticancer Fund’s recommendations to Horizon Europe

The Anticancer Fund’s recommendations to Horizon Europe

Brussels - The Anticancer Fund released its recommendations for the Cancer Mission Board. Our goal? Increasing the options for cancer treatment in Europe.

The European Commission plans to invest 100 billion euros in research and innovation. Therefore it identified five mission areas for Horizon Europe, its framework programme starting in the beginning of 2021. One of the missions is cancer.

Horizon Europe represents an opportunity to reset priorities and to deliver a Cancer Mission that brings real added value to Europe’s citizens. Reducing the societal burden of cancer requires a paradigm shift in the way research is organised and funded.

As an organisation dedicated to cancer research we couldn’t stay aside and we published our recommendations to the Cancer Mission Board, so that more people in Europe get access to cancer treatment.

The Anticancer Fund’s paper paves the way for a much-anticipated European programme for cancer research.

The recommendations fall into 2 categories:

  1. Increase and rethink funding options for independent research.
  2. Create adequate infrastructure and foster cross-country collaboration in research.

Read the Anticancer Fund’s paper “Increasing our options for cancer treatment in Europe”: