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‘The Art of Fearless Living’ - Charity Art Experience by Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Deweer Gallery for Anticancer Fund

‘The Art of Fearless Living’ - Charity Art Experience by Jean-Philippe Demeyer


Brussels – Deweer Gallery Estate is supporting the Anticancer Fund with a unique exhibition of artworks selected by curator Jean-Philippe Demeyer. The interior designer has chosen some intense works of the family Deweer that will be sold to finance My Cancer Navigator and a clinical study in neuroblastoma, the very rare cancer that their brave boy Ghislain had to deal with in 2020.

‘The Art of Fearless Living’

The exhibition at Deweer Gallery Estate, ‘The Art of Fearless Living’, will show 361 artworks in an exclusive setting, designed by Jean-Philippe Demeyer at the gallery in Otegem. A digital access to the collection of selected artworks will also be available.

The collection consists of a variety of eminent works in contemporary art, including famous artists like Stephan Balkenhol, Benjamin Moravec, Panamarenko and Koen Vanmechelen.

The family Deweer donates up to half of the selling price of the artworks to the international trial in neuroblastoma and My Cancer Navigator. The family Deweer relied on the Anticancer Fund and its personalised information service My Cancer Navigator when their little boy was confronted with cancer. Ghislain had neuroblastoma, but is now doing well after a long course of treatments.

Life has its challenges for everyone, ours happened to be childhood cancer. Our little family decided to do anything in our power to help organisations who walk a lot of extra miles in cancer research. To do things in another way, to encourage people to look differently to the beautiful things in life, we were lucky to team up with Jean-Philippe Demeyer. He transformed room 2 at Deweer Gallery into a real Roman Villa and he found a perfect spot for the chosen artworks. So be prepared to see the beauty of art in a different way, in a way of fearless living, explains Marie Deweer-Verstraete.

Why the Anticancer Fund?

The Anticancer Fund is a private foundation focused on cancer research. We are based in Belgium but have an international scope.

What makes the Anticancer Fund unique is that we put patients first, in everything we do. We fund the clinical trials that industry researchers leave behind, because we know that treatments that lead to a patient’s benefit do not necessarily deliver profit. And that’s the market gap that we’ve identified. We invest in the blind spots and work to leave no stone unturned.

Take neuroblastoma, the cancer Ghislain developed. For the last decade no real breakthrough was achieved as research in this domain is limited. The Anticancer Fund is participating in a large international effort to launch an ambitious trial for neuroblastoma and needs funding for this project.

Marie and Gerald relied on My Cancer Navigator, our free personalised service. People with cancer and their relatives can turn to us for information on cancer therapies. We listen to their story and answer their questions, so they can make well-considered decisions about their treatment, together with their doctor. Our mission: to increase the survival chances of people with cancer, by guiding them to their optimal treatment.

Who's Jean-Philippe Demeyer?

Belgian designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer describes his work as “fearless and joyful.” It’s a good two-word thumbnail, to which you might want to add “exuberant,” “playful,” and even “anarchic” for the fuller picture. He claims not to have a style, but this seems disingenuous coming from someone whose creations are so distinctive.

"I have great admiration for the work of other decorators, Jean-Philippe Demeyer says, but I can only be myself. My ideas come from gut feelings - first about locus genii, then architectural structure. From there I can start layering and storytelling." Colors and materials are rooted in tradition, but as in all Demeyer’s interior worlds, the final effect is fresh and like nothing you have seen before. Unexpected and original, but also balanced, structured, comfortable. And certain to make you smile.
(Text by Ros Byam Shaw for Architectural Digest - June 2022)

Charity Art Experience

Official opening evenings: Thursday 22/09 and Friday 23/09 6-9PM

7PM speeches: warm welcome by Marie Deweer-Verstraete and short presentation of the Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator.
Sunday 25/09 11-6PM

Extra days and weekends will be organised after the opening, until 23/10. Please check the availabilities with the Deweer Gallery Estate.

An online shop with the selected artworks has been opened:

Lucky dip ! Buyers will have a chance to win a work by Koen Vanmechelen to the value of 14.000 euro. On Sunday 23/10 at 6PM Ghislain’s innocent hand will pick the lucky one.

For more information or interviews, please reach out to or call +32 (0)56 64 48 93. We would be happy to welcome you during one of our opening evenings. Confirming your presence is required before 15/09. Press people are welcome by appointment from 12/09 onwards.

If you would like to support the initiative of the Deweer Family and contribute to My Cancer Navigator or the clinical trial in neuroblastoma, please use the QR code below for a donation. Thank you for your generosity!