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Cancer knows no boundaries, and neither do we

Cancer knows no boundaries, and neither do we

Every year 9,6 million people die from cancer. This is the bad news. The good news? Up to 3,7 million lives could be saved thanks to prevention, early detection and timely and quality treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Help us to halt cancer on World Cancer Day.

The Anticancer Fund has been fighting cancer in the last ten years on multiple fronts.

  • We support cancer research. We focus on clinical trials with patients, because patients’ needs are our priority.

    Did you know 110 researchers from 18 different countries reached out to us for funding in the last five years? People from New Zealand to Brazil and Taiwan.
  • We inform cancer patients. People who are diagnosed with cancer often feel lost. We give patients and their relatives information on cancer treatments, based on scientific evidence. Because no patient should be left in the cold.

    Did you know last year we were contacted by 298 cancer patients from 43 different countries? People from Singapore to Colombia and Senegal.
  • We connect people. We engage with stakeholders and policymakers on both national and European levels to eliminate barriers to rapid, affordable access to more cancer treatments. Cancer is a global war and we need to bring our forces together.