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'Entrepreneurs with a heart': stand up to cancer!

'Entrepreneurs with a heart': stand up to cancer!

We are looking for partners who believe in our work. With this purpose, we are launching the ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’ sponsorship platform, which makes it possible for entrepreneurs, managers and companies to contribute to improving lives of cancer patients in an impactful way.

As an entrepreneur, you will have powered through moments of fear and self-doubt - because you have the mentorship, self-belief and knowledge.

Imagine that you had to go through this all on your own, with zero experience and nobody to turn to; and where the help you get is using jargon that you don’t understand.

Now imagine that your challenge wasn’t running a company, but standing up to cancer…

That’s where we come in. And where you can help us.

We are the Anticancer Fund. We are a research organisation that works on promising cancer therapies. And we empower people who have been diagnosed with cancer, by giving them reliable information about the disease, through our own personalised service called My Cancer Navigator.

We are asking you for support, because as an entrepreneur you want to change things, for the better. That’s why you care about the people working with you, your customers, and the community around you. And that’s why you are exactly the type of leader who we at the Anticancer Fund want to partner with.

Because we are different

What makes us unique is that we put patients first, in everything we do. We fund the clinical trials that industry researchers have left behind, because we know that treatments that lead to a patient’s benefit do not necessarily deliver profit.

And that’s the market gap that we’ve identified. We invest in the blind spots and work to leave no stone unturned.

We hope we can tell you more. Let’s meet and discuss how you could become one of our ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’ and express your values and those of your company through a philanthropic investment.

On Tuesday the 21st of June we launch ‘Entrepreneurs with a heart’ during an exclusive get-together, hosted by entrepreneur Bart Verhaeghe at the Castle of Bever (Grimbergen), at 5PM.
  • Welcome drinks
  • Warm welcome by Lydie Meheus, managing director of the Anticancer Fund
  • Keynote by Bart Verhaeghe, Entrepreneur with a heart, about entrepreneurship and social engagement.
  • Short presentation of the Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator
  • Testimonial of Nicolò Battisti,Medical Oncologist and Senior Adult Oncology Programme Clinical Lead of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London
  • Testimonial of the mother of a patient, Marie Deweer
  • Wrap-up by Alice Dossche, board member of the Anticancer Fund
  • Drinks and bites

Would you like to come and see what impact you can have as a major donor to the Anticancer Fund and My Cancer Navigator? We would love to welcome you.

Please reach out to or find out more about the sponsoring platform 'Entrepreneurs with a heart', here below.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.