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First patient in EORTC's trial for retroperitoneal sarcoma

First patient in EORTC's trial for retroperitoneal sarcoma

Brussels – EORTC STRASS II, a clinical trial designed to treat retroperitoneal sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer, enrolled its first patient in Italy. The trial is a phase III study of chemotherapy followed by surgery, versus surgery alone.

The Istituto Tumori in Milano, one of the 9 centres that was opened for this trial in 6 different European countries, has enrolled the first patient. The trial explores the potential benefits of chemotherapy before surgery in patients with retroperitoneal sarcoma. More European centres specialised in sarcoma will open soon.

EORTC STRASS II is a pan-European study (13 countries) with a transatlantic collaboration with centres in Australia, Canada and North America.

Rare cancer

Retroperitoneal sarcoma is an aggressive and rare cancer affecting the soft tissues of the body. The current standard of care is surgery. An official trial, looking into the benefits of chemotherapy before surgery in this type of tumour, has never been performed before. In this trial, 250 patients will be enrolled over a period of 5.5 years.

International study

The Anticancer Fund financially supports the trial, which is conducted by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

The Anticancer Fund provides €700,000 for the trial, on a total trial cost of about 2.9 million euros.

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