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Honorary association for Gauthier Bouche with University College London

Honorary association for Gauthier Bouche with University College London

Brussels – We are delighted to announce the appointment of our Director of Clinical Research Gauthier Bouche as Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University College London (UCL), London’s global university.

Dr. Gauthier Bouche, Director of Clinical Research at the Anticancer Fund, has been appointed as Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL for three years. This association is awarded by UCL to scientists who are involved in research and collaborative projects.

Gauthier will work with the Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Unit (MRC CTU) which is part of the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology of UCL. This centre of excellence, the largest of its kind in Europe, develops and delivers innovations in the methodology that improve and enhance clinical trials.

This is a unique opportunity for me and the Anticancer Fund to gain knowledge and experience in the design and conduct of large clinical trials. No doubt this is a very prestigious unit but what truly matters is that their work has major impact on cancer patients’ lives. They continuously seek to improve the efficiency and the patient-public involvement in clinical trials, themes that are in the Anticancer Fund’s DNA as well” , said Gauthier Bouche.

The Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Unit at UCL is at the forefront of resolving internationally important questions in cancer and implements methodological advances in study design, conduct and analysis. Gauthier will be working under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Langley and Prof. Max Parmar, Cancer Theme Programme Leader and Director of the Unit, respectively.

The Cancer Theme is delighted that Gauthier will be working with us. We share common goals to improve cancer outcomes globally with a particular focus on novel and efficient trial design, repurposing and ensuring patient-public involvement is at the heart of our work”, mentioned Professor Ruth Langley.

According to Prof. Max Parmar “this collaboration between the Anticancer Fund and the MRC CTU at UCL to identify strategic ways to improve outcomes for patients with innovative trials in cancer presents a new model to how we may solve important and previously intractable problems”.


The Anticancer Fund is proud that Gauthier is now associated with this unit at UCL, a renowned institute that has been investing in cancer research for many years. This collaboration will not only expand our knowledge in clinical trial design but is also a recognition of our initiatives in cancer research so far.