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Launch of a Call for Research Proposal

Launch of a Call for Research Proposal

BRUSSELS - The Anticancer Fund has joined forces with the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research, a Swiss-based non-profit organization, for a Call for Research Proposals.

We see the partnership with the Rising Tide Foundation as a unique opportunity to support high quality clinical trials focusing on therapy optimisation and drug repurposing. We have special interest in the following areas:

  • Rare cancers
  • Commercially neglected drugs
  • Off-patent drugs
  • Prognostic and/or predictive biomarkers

We call upon all investigators to submit proposals where funding is required to initiate a new arm of an existing multi-arm trial. The amount available for this call for proposals will be at least US$ 3 million. The amount allocated per grant will depend on the number of proposals selected for funding.

Application deadline: 28 February 2020

An urgent need for more and better treatment options

The Anticancer Fund and the Rising Tide Foundation have both been supporting cancer research for several years. The essential focus of the partnership between the two non-profit organisations is to respond to the hope of the cancer patients. There’s an urgent need for more and better treatment options.

The Rising Tide Foundation: ‘Our vision is to accelerate progress to improve the lives of people living with cancer today and bring forward the day when a cure for cancer is finally realized.’

The Anticancer Fund: We fight cancer. We look for solutions through the lenses of knowledge and evidence. We use common sense, we put science to work for patients, and we strive for short-term, meaningful impacts where they are most needed.