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My Cancer Navigator: pilot project for cancer patients

My Cancer Navigator: pilot project for cancer patients

"Did I really understand what my oncologist just told me? Is there another treatment that can help with my cancer? Is what I read on Google accurate?"

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming and frightening. At the Anticancer Fund, we understand that. We want to help patients make informed decisions together with their doctor.

Free service

My Cancer Navigator is a free service for patients (or parents of minor patients) who, for example:

  • feel overwhelmed or confused by the information they receive or lack thereof;
  • want to be prepared when they see their doctor, so they know what questions to ask;
  • want to know if they qualify for clinical trials;
  • are considering other treatments and want to receive scientific data about them.

No second opinion

My Cancer Navigator does not provide a second opinion or medical advice, nor does it provide answers to practical questions about insurance, home care, transportation, etc. The main goal is to help patients navigate the maze of medical information. We want to help them better understand their disease and treatment.

My Cancer Navigator starts on September 17, 2018, as a free pilot project for a limited number of Dutch-speaking patients being treated in Belgium.


Patients who qualify will have an intake interview with a doctor from our team. The doctor will review their medical history and try to understand their needs. Based on this conversation, the patient and the team will discuss how best to meet these needs. Next steps may include providing the patient with scientific information about different treatment options, discussing medical test results face-to-face, preparing for the next doctor's appointment together, etc.


Based on feedback from patients and other stakeholders, the Anticancer Fund will evaluate the project. This allows the service to be continuously improved. At the same time, our team will contact partners interested in supporting this project financially. This will enable My Cancer Navigator to help more patients "navigate" in their search for information in the future. The pilot project is an initiative of the Anticancer Fund and Dr. Gabry Kuijten.

Patients who wish to participate can contact us at with a brief description of their medical situation, their questions and concerns, and a phone number where one of our staff members can reach them.