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Our groundshot: better and longer lives for people with cancer

Our groundshot: better and longer lives for people with cancer

Brussels - Our annual report 2022 is out. Discover how we strived for better and longer lives for people with cancer. We supported transnational clinical trials, to improve our impact in cancer research. My Cancer Navigator, our free information service, helped 325 cancer patients, 23% more than in 2021. And last but not least, our policy work paid off.

2022 was the year of our groundshot. We are convinced a moonshot, with high tech innovation, is not enough to tackle cancer. Bringing new and valuable cancer treatments, that cannot be monetised, to cancer patients is also indispensable if we want to impact cancer survival statistics.

The groundshot was visible in the 3 pillars or our organisation:

  1. As a cancer research organisation, supporting non-commercial clinical trials stayed our focus in 2022. We joined international initiatives, which will foster important research that will make a clear difference for the patient.
  2. We offer our expertise in cancer and in cancer treatments to people with cancer and to facilitate this, we have invested more in My Cancer Navigator, our personalised information service. This effort enabled My Cancer Navigator to assist more cancer patients.
  3. After years of making the point that drug repurposing, or the strategy of reusing existing drugs for new indications, is complementary to costly and time-consuming new drug development, our endeavour was rewarded. The European Commission decided to fund European projects exploring drug repurposing and we are now participating in an ambitious EU-funded programme.

In 2022 we had an income of 1,3 million euro and our expenses reached 2,3 million euro.

We live in a tough time for fundraising. With a global recession on the cards, convincing donors has become more challenging. But a new wind is blowing through the Anticancer Fund, pushing us forward. We have a new board and moved to other premises in Meise (Belgium). We are all set to prove that philanthropy can make a true change” says Lydie Meheus, Managing Director of the Anticancer Fund.

Discover the annual report 2022

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