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World Cancer Day - Because every patient deserves optimal treatment

World Cancer Day - Because every patient deserves optimal treatment

Brussels – Every year millions of people die from cancer. At the Anticancer Fund, we want to change this.

As an independent non-profit organisation, the Anticancer Fund strives for a world where all patients have access to the best treatments. On World Cancer Day, we point out that patients' needs should always come first in the development of new treatments.

Cancer patients want to have access to the best available treatment and they want it fast, as in many cases they expect it to be lifesaving. Unfortunately, the current system to bring a new drug all the way to the patient is not fit for its purpose, says Lydie Meheus, Managing Director of the Anticancer Fund.

What should change?

  • More collaboration and dialogue is needed between stakeholders in the cancer field to bring drugs to the market that meet patients' needs. In this, transparency is key.
  • Public funding for research should be lifted, to fill in the gaps of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The European regulatory framework should be reviewed so that the value of a new treatment is judged on better overall survival and/or a better quality-of-life. This is not always the case today when an innovative therapy is put on the market.

Interested in our story? Watch this short video. In less than 2 minutes, you'll see how we defeat cancer:

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