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Patient stories

Hear from the Heart: real patient stories

Cancer patients from all over the world are reaching out to My Cancer Navigator, our free service, because they are searching for clear information on cancer treatments. Hear firsthand how they have experienced our support and how My Cancer Navigator became more than a service - it became a companion, guiding them through the complexities of treatment. Watch their stories.

Griet's Cancer Journey - A story of empowerment

Discover the journey of Griet, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She reached out to My Cancer Navigator for information about the best possible treatment for her.

St├ęphanie's Cancer Journey - A story of knowledge

Step into the heartening journey of St├ęphanie, a young mum, who is confronted to a rare cancer. A story of courage, and also of knowing and understanding her treatment possibilities, after she contacted My Cancer Navigator for clear information.


Sian's Cancer Journey - A story of being heard

"You've spent a lot of time, in a video call, explaining things, and you consolidated it all in a letter, which was really helpful, because I didn't have to take any notes, I could just absorb it and listen. I was not just a patient, I was a person." Sian tells us what My Cancer Navigator meant to her.