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Imagine that you are faced with cancer...

A cancer diagnosis turns your world, and that of your loved ones, upside down.

Help us be a compass when cancer makes everything difficult, and join the crowdfunding.

The focus of the Anticancer Fund

Manifesto 2024

Making Europe a leader in the development of innovative, impactful and affordable cancer treatments

The current research in oncology focuses on developing new cures with substantial financial returns. Europe urgently requires a pathway to bring treatments— lacking commercial appeal such as surgery, radiotherapy, and drugs used off-label —to patients.

Read the Manifesto 2024 of the Anticancer Fund

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Cover Annual Report 2023 Anticancer Fund

Challenging the course of cancer - Annual Report 2023

Discover the 2023 Annual Report of the Anticancer Fund, summarizing a year of achievements and efforts to challenge the course of cancer. The theme ‘Care today, a cure for tomorrow’ reflects our focus on delivering tailored patient support and advancing research, for more and better treatments. 

Fighting cancer with Anticancer Fund

Obtain a grant to develop your pancreatic cancer research idea

Are you working on innovative solutions for pancreatic cancer? We want to turn promising research into clinical trials. Apply now, the application is straightforward.

This funding will help turning laboratory research into clinical trials that could lead to new treatments.

Pancreatic cancer - joint event Anticancer Fund and Pancreatic Cancer Europe

Pancreatic cancer: joint efforts with Pancreatic Cancer Europe for more therapies

On June 25, 2024, Santiago de Compostela will host a gathering of experts aimed at enhancing treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Organised by the Anticancer Fund and Pancreatic Cancer Europe, and supported by the European Pancreatic Club, this Multistakeholder Meeting seeks to foster an inclusive dialogue among professionals.

Propranolol in clinical trial angiosarcoma

Exploring beta-blocker propranolol in angiosarcoma treatment

A clinical trial investigated propranolol, commonly used for high blood pressure, as a potential treatment for angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. Funded by the Anticancer Fund, the study explored whether propranolol could help control tumour growth before traditional treatments start, aiming to increase the chances of survival.

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