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Changemakers on a mission

The Anticancer Fund fills in the blank spaces in cancer research, to deliver more and better treatments.
We offer personalised information about cancer treatments.
Be part of our mission.
Consider your donation not just a contribution, but an investment.
Homepage Anticancer Fund

Our focus

At a glance

29 ongoing clinical trials
1,6 million euros invested in research (in 2023)
1.466 patients supported (last 5 years)
90 scientific publications

Imagine that you are faced with cancer...

A cancer diagnosis turns your world, and that of your loved ones, upside down. Medical terms overwhelms you, and making decisions can be daunting. My Cancer Navigator provides free clear answers and guides you through treatment.
Join the crowdfunding and help us be a compass when cancer makes everything difficult.
Thanks to your support, we can continue to offer and expand My Cancer Navigator, so that we reach more people in need of reliable information about cancer.

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