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Discover our Annual Report 2020

Discover our Annual Report 2020


Brussels - We are happy to share our latest Annual Report. We tell you all about our achievements in 2020: the clinical trials we are supporting, how we helped cancer patients to make informed decisions about their treatment and the challenges we are overcoming to join forces in the fight against cancer.

We think outside the box to cure cancer

The Anticancer Fund finances and coordinates clinical trials focusing on drugs and new therapies with limited commercial value, but with great potential for cancer patients. In 2020, we supported 10 clinical trials investigating different cancer types in multiple European countries. We invested 820,000 euro in new research projects.

We care about cancer patients

People who are diagnosed with cancer find themselves on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. We provide them assistance, by answering their questions.
In 2020, 247 patients or relatives of people with cancer, from all over the world, asked for information.

We make sure the voice of the patient is heard

Every cancer patient must have an equitable chance of getting access to innovative treatments that improve their life. That's what we aim at. To do so, we engage with decision makers and ensure they put the patients' needs first. In 2020, we focused our policy work on cancer research in Belgium and on cancer as a whole in Europe.

We are guided by science, driven by patients and powered by donations

In an interview, Lydie Meheus, the managing director of the Anticancer Fund, explains how close we are to curing cancer and what is essential to move forward. 'Collaboration is key to new breakthroughs, as was demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.'

Discover our Annual Report 2020