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Our good cause My Cancer Navigator now supported by Belfius

Our good cause My Cancer Navigator now supported by Belfius

Brussels - The Belgian bank-insurer Belfius supports the Anticancer Fund and its efforts to help people with cancer through Beats, a new offer for bank customers.

Belfius recently launched Beats, an innovative, inspiring and meaningful experience that combines banking and telecom services. By adding to Beats, each Belfius customer has a positive impact on society as he or she can choose a good cause Belfius will support for them.

The Anticancer Fund and more specifically My Cancer Navigator, our personal service for people with cancer, is the good cause behind Beats for Health, one of the causes Belfius decided to invest in. This means that by selecting Beats for Health, Belfius customers are sponsoring our organisation and the assistance we provide for cancer patients.

We are very grateful, and proud, that Belfius decided to support the Anticancer Fund. As a prominent financial player, we are truly convinced that Belfius will make a significant difference in the life of cancer patients, by promoting our good cause.

More about My Cancer Navigator

My Cancer Navigator gives people with cancer or their relatives clear information about cancer treatments. As an organisation with more than ten years of experience in scientific research, we can share evidence-based insights with patients who have questions about their cancer and treatment. We listen to their story, look up their questions and provide them with understandable information, so that they can make well-considered decisions about their therapy with their physician. In the first nine months of this year 245 patients have reached out to our personal service My Cancer Navigator.

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More about Beats

Beats is an exclusive and tailor-made offer that gives each Belfius customer the opportunity to choose between three causes: Beats for People, Beats for Planet and Beats for Health. Belfius commits to financially support the good cause selected by the client. The launch of Beats is part of the strategic partnership concluded in June 2020 by Belfius and Proximus. Beats is available via the Belfius bank app and in the bank agencies.

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