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We’re improving our information service for cancer patients

We’re improving our information service for cancer patients

BRUSSELSThe Anticancer Fund is upgrading its personalised service for people with cancer, My Cancer Navigator (MCN). Patients will now have access to the MCN Hub, a digital exchange platform, where asking questions about their disease or cancer treatments will be clear-cut and convenient.

Because reaching out for information should be no hardship for cancer patients, the Anticancer Fund invests in the professionalisation of My Cancer Navigator, its information service for people with cancer. In collaboration with the digital experts of Atracore we have developed a software platform that facilitates the exchanges with cancer patients and their relatives.

Even more than being a user-friendly tool for people with cancer and their relatives, the technology of the MCN Hub also improves the work of the physicians and scientists of My Cancer Navigator: searches about the cancer disease and the cancer therapies in the scientific literature will be sped up, data will be more easily retrieved, and the information provided will be more structured and specific.

We offer a dedicated and personalised service

This said, My Cancer Navigator remains a truly personalised service. People with questions about cancer or cancer therapies will still communicate with a physician of the Anticancer Fund directly. The MCN Hub will support these interactions.

“Our ambition, by investing in the MCN Hub, is to be prepared to offer our high-quality service to more people with questions about cancer and cancer treatments, in a sustainable and reliable manner. As more people find their way to My Cancer Navigator, we want to make sure we can support them professionally in the decision-making process about their therapies”, says Guy Buyens, medical director of the Anticancer Fund.

So, what will change for people reaching out to My Cancer Navigator? Not much really. There’s a new predefined contact form, easy to fill in. Data protection and privacy will still be safeguarded. Service users will receive a login, so they can give their consent online.

“It’s crucial that we have an efficient process to address each patient’s questions in a timely manner. We work with a dedicated team of scientists and physicians and the MCN Hub allows us to have all information and communication in one place. This will also make it easier for new team members to join from different locations as we continue to expand our service”, adds Gabry Kuijten, coordinating physician of My Cancer Navigator.

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